What our customers say

Fazila’s story

Fazila came to us as part of a funded programme of learning, with an aim of building her confidence to secure a job as a call handler in a contact centre. This was an area she had not worked in before.
Her reflection on her programme with us was that has built her confidence in all aspects of her life. She now is just waiting for her date for a secured job interview for the role.

“I climbed a step in each lesson, listened to group ideas and views. We learnt from each other’s experiences. The workbook was a turning point of improvements for me. Group rooms were going well to share views and ideas and every day was really important to me.

“We had the tutor to thank who helped us all and guided us throughout the course, it was very clearly taught. They were great tutors and I really appreciate the opportunity.”

Craig’s story

Craig came to us on a DWP programme, with an aim of changing career and securing a job working form home, as a call centre agent. He had been unemployed for a long time prior to joining us.

He had worked in the oil and gas industry for 40 years in materials, warehousing and inventory management functions as both a team member and later in supervisory roles both in UK and various overseas locations (Middle East, West Africa, Former Soviet Union and South East Asia). He was used to working alongside a range of people of different nationalities over the years.

“I consider Health, Safety & Security as a subject very close to my heart having worked in the oil and gas industry for approximately 40 years, I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated today’s presentation. It was done very professionally, and I found it both informative and interesting.

“I got my interview yesterday afternoon and am delighted to inform you I was offered a position with the company and will start my new role on 31st Aug. I will always be grateful to you for everything you taught me during the course which finally enabled me to get a new role after such a long time unemployed. I will be just so happy to be working again. Thank you both so very very much.”